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Urban Trend Kitchen

Type of property: Condominium

Style: Urban Trend

Location: Montréal, downtown

Material: Wood and glass veneer

This kitchen located in a downtown Montreal condominum is desiged around a dark brown oak veneer paired with a 1 ¼'' white Quartz counter. A special display cabinet is placed under the counter can be used to showcase glass works and gives a decorative element to the room. The drawers' front panels are made of glass with the back painted in white. This arrangement alllows a lighter design and combinse the glossy look of glass with the mat finish of wood veneer. The integrated furniture is custom built by Élysée kitchens and bathrooms and is made out of dark brown oak veneer. Metal inserts add a contemporary look to the furniture. Some decorative lighting is also added to the decorative niches. A bar counter in dark brown oak veneer with a backlit Corian counter was also integrated into the design to create a hushed ambiance.    



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1599 Desserte autoroute Laval (440) 
Laval, Québec H7L 3W3

License RBQ: 2325-3230-35

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